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Everyone is either getting or giving a thorough anal drilling. If it didnt, then its the same thing that has put you on the toilet a hundred times prior. Anal sex is a bit of a taboo subject, despite the fact that its an increasingly popular sexual activity. As more couples explore this type of sex, understanding the risks, rewards, and proper. You probably didnt learn how to prepare for anal sex in sex edand unlike p-in-v (or toy-in-v) sex, anal play does require some planning ahead. A rare but dangerous complication of anal sex is rupture of the rectum, which can cause severe injury and result in a severe bacterial infection.   45 minutes after having anal sex i had severe diarrhea, stomach pain, and the chills so bad that i couldnt get warm. Oral contact with the anus can put both partners at risk for hepatitis, herpes, hpv, and other infections. I think ill take a dose of it before we have sex, and if he decides to ejaculate in my mouth again,. Id hate for this to interfere with the anal sex part of the deal. Most causes of anal swelling are benign, but some can be more serious. Learn about the causes of anal swelling and what treatment options are available. Does anal sex have any health risks? Like most sexual activities, anal sex carries the risk of passing on. Male and female couples should use a new condom if they have vaginal sex straight after anal sex.

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